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Boudreau is building an identity for each of the forward lines

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16 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

Anyone notice Boudreau set his lines on the first game and hasn't changed them?  He doesn't need to juggle them fifty times a game... he knows what he wants and who will work together.




Dickinson/Bo/Hoglander... this is Boudreau's primary shutdown line...  Dickinson doesn't have a lot of scoring jam, but he is good defensively and can retrieve the puck.  Hoglander supplies creativity/speed/backchecking for the line as well as scoring and Bo has the combination of faceoff/speed/physicality/anticipation/shooting which makes him a threat to turnover the puck and be off to the races.  These guys take pride in shutting down the opposing team's big lines and taking the D-Zone starts... but they are also capable of outscoring them too.


Pearson/Miller/Boeser...  This line is the Canucks' "Heavy" line... all three guys have size, like to hit, and cycle well... Boeser is underrated as a physical player, he is 6' 1" and 208, the third heaviest forward on the team.  (not counting Chiasson who I hope is gone)  He is also a better passer than most give him credit for and he and Miller are building on their chemistry.  Pearson is a solid player who also hits and cycles and who has a good eye for deflections and is a net front presence.  This line is the most capable on the Canucks' of playing a dump and chase/cycle game... but they also have the passing skills and enough speed, (especially Miller) to take advantages of opportunities on the rush.  Boeser is now playing where he should have been from the start... not on the left boards or at the point, but right in the center of the ice inside the hash marks.  This is his perfect range.  This could be called Boudreau's #1 line... but really there is no #1... just three lines which all present different threats. 


Podkolzin/Pettersson/Garland...  This is the Canucks' "Speed line"... all three players are capable of playing at high speed and using short passes to give their line mates shooting chances... both Pettersson and Garland love to shoot, Podkolzin too, but he also likes to take it to the net and cause havoc.  This line works best on the rush... but Garland and Podkolzin and to a limited extent Pettersson, can also retrieve the puck... but he is generally better waiting in the high slot.  This line is potentially the highest scoring line... but it is also the line which will take the most time for the players to get used to each other's moves and timing.  But they are getting better all the time and Boudreau is allowing them the time to improve.


Lamikko/Motte/Dowling... The 'Energy' line... Motte makes everyone with him better... it is too bad he doesn't have as high quality players as he deserves, but Lamikko/Dowling are capable enough when their time is limited.  Against Carolina they had their best game and if they can continue to play that way, a lot of the Canucks' problems will be solved.


With the exception of the 4th line, which had Chiasson on it till the game against Carolina, these lines have been stable.  Boudreau is confident enough in his decision making that he doesn't need to immediately start juggling lines as soon as one player makes a mistake.  Boudreau understands it takes time to build Chemistry and you have to give the players the opportunity to jell.



Good Assessment!


The only thing is, I believe that Dickinson was playing with Miller/Boeser the very first game, while Pearson was with Bo/Hog.  They got swapped in the 2nd game.  I think they wanted a more checking line against Boston.  So they moved Dickinson with Bo/Hog.

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