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[Proposal] Miller to New Jersey for Severson


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To New Jersey Miller

To Vancouver Severson +2nd daft pick


Why Vancouver do this: Miller is a top line center/winger and a point per game foward. will be UFA after next season. We have Pod and Nio pushing for the top 6 spot.

He may not choose to re-sign with us. Even yes, he will ask 8 mil+ which Canucks may not able to afford to re-sign him.


Severson is a top 4 right shot defenceman. a Canadian kid. His contract expires after next year too. Log 22+ min a night.

can be perfectly pair with Hughs or OEL on the second line.

His next contract won't be too crazy. maybe 6 mil-ish? if we want keep him.

For a playoff push, we need a top 4 defenceman to supplement our depleted defence squad.



Age 27 Aug 7, 1994
Melville CAN
Defense shoots right
6'2" 188 cm
205 lbs 93 kg


2017-2018 New Jersey Devils NHL 76 9 15 24 42   1,298 47.11 48.49 -4.61 49.53 1.86 0.42 0.92 Playoffs 4 0 0 0 0
  2018-2019 New Jersey Devils NHL 82 11 28 39 58   1,411 44.03 48.98 -1.45 46.48 -0.64 0.34 1.06            
  2018-2019 Canada WC 10 1 5 6 16                              
  2019-2020 New Jersey Devils NHL 69 8 23 31 52   1,193 40.00 48.90 2.90 48.10 3.30 0.20 0.96            
  2020-2021 New Jersey Devils NHL 56 3 18 21 29   979 47.10 53.40 5.40 53.40 4.30 0.18 0.80            
  2021-2022 New Jersey Devils NHL 25 3 4 7 20   392 37.50 55.00 5.70 52.10 1.00 0.31 0.46    



New Jersey offence sucks, have the cap room. defintely need a top line center/winger to help Jack Hughs etc.

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Decent idea but I’d pass.

The whole point of the Canucks moving one of Miller, Boeser, or Horvat would be to give us more cap space while giving us a long term elite prospect. Severson doesn’t fill either of those requirements.


I wouldn’t mind moving Miller at the trade deadline if we don’t crawl our way back to playoff contention, but I’d rather move Miller for a much younger cost controlled asset such as Braden Schneider++ from the NYR.  

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I loved, and I do mean LOVED Severson in Kelowna.  Much like I loved Madison Bowey.


But this is such a tragic waste of a near PPG asset in Miller that I cringe reading it.


Severson has been at BEST a 3-4 D man in NJ.  He has speed and mobility issues on the play and gets walked frequently.  His shot in the WHL was good but not great and it's again not translated here either.


If we're trading Miller to NJ, Severson is part of the addition they offer us for him, not the centerpoint.

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Don't see why NJD would do this.  If they trade Severson would think they'd want a player that better fits the age group of the core they are building around - Hischier/Hughes/Blackwood.  NJD are still coming out of their rebuild and trying to give the ice time to their young players.  


Don't think Miller will be someone Rutherford trades either.  Boudreau on Russo's podcast is already speaking so highly about him.  Didn't know he was that good and told Russo that he's not going anywhere - would think that Rutherford would consult him.


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I'm fine moving Miller to boost the rest of the roster, in fact I think that's exactly what we should do. Hell, something's going to give and one of our bigger paid guys will likely be moved out sooner than later. But no, I wouldn't do this deal. 


Miller's a premium asset, which means whoever wants him will have to pay a premium price. There are better deals to be had. 

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2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Can we just have an all in one Trade proposals for Miller thread?

That way all the garbage goes in one place? And we stop getting threads made every 10 minutes. 

Amazing. It’s almost as if he’s a free agent this summer. Oh wait he still has another year after that. :picard:


Why is this even a thought when we don’t even know where our team will be in a couple months. I guess it’s the “cool thing” to think about these days.



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