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[Discussion] California Governor Newsom Enacts Law Allowing Citizens to Sue Gunmakers Under Same Rules as Texas Abortion law


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3 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

Once the legal precedent Texas is setting down over the abortion argument is settled, it will absolutely be easily applied to arms/items/goods without any issue due to the terms of, lettering of and ruling of said argument.

Firearms regulations are already flexible. I hear the murder capital of Chicago has some of them most stringent firearms regulations in the country.


But do you mean if Texas is able to reset the period a foetus is deemed viable from the last trimester in Roe vs Wade to 6 weeks in the Texas law that would circumvent 'The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act'?


Even if you're right going through the legal challenges of both laws will take years. Are you sure Newsom will even still be around? How committed is he to this troll really, anyway? It's another nothing burger would be my guess.

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