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【Mafia】Santa vs Krampus : GAME OVER - MAFIA WIN

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After a lengthy hiatus it's now time for a CDC Mafia Christmas Special! 


SANTA VS KRAMPUS. This story doesn't need a prologue, it lies within the game to be played.




Town -


Santa Claus (Sheriff) - Can tell if you're naught or nice.

Mrs. Claus (Lover and N0 investigation) - in PM with Santa.


Santa's Little Helper - Gift Giver- 
1)Doc Save
3)Vig Kill

*Gifts must submitted via PM before nightfall. SLH must give all 3 gifts (in any order) before reload. Recipients actions must be submitted to host via PM before NF. Mafia can be given, receive, and use gifts.


8 (?) Villagers.



Mafia -

Krampus (Role cop)
Krampus' Hound (Role Blocker)
Bastard Elf (ONE strongman kill)



Lackey - Traitor Elf (Must be role-blocked to join mafia; can't win as town)




3p - Survivor
Coward Elf (wins with either faction)






Closing sign-ups and randing sometime tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. Game will start before 10pm PST with first Nightfall at 10pm PST on Tuesday, Dec 21. 


All special actions are due before Nightfall during any given day.


First 2 or 3 days will be 48 hrs. I'll move to 24hr days more quickly if the game is slow and low posting.


Failure to vote in 2 consecutive nightfalls will result in a GK. 


Please do not bother the site moderators and if you have a problem with the way someone is playing, talk to the host first.


No PMs / DMs except the ones I put you in.


***I'd like everyone to log out and log back in anonymously at game start. Anyone caught in the "recently browsing" tab will be given a warning and subject to GK for failure to comply.



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1: @AV.

2: @BoKnows

3: @Tanev

4: @falcon45ca

5: @Sharpshooter

6: @Qwags

7: @DarthMelvin

8: @J-23

9: @Master Radishes

10: @Blue Jay 22

11: @Time Lord

12: @BradLand

13: @AngryElf

14: @The Rad Russian

15: @naslund.is.king

16: @HashtagNucks


Final VC for day 1 can be found on this page:



Day 2



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