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AriGold's *Real Money* Fantasy League Hockey Pool - 2nd half


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@Phil The Thrill



@Herberts Vasiljevs


I have added each of you on Fantrax. It will appear under the "My Leagues" menu.




@Western Red



Create a Fantrax account if you haven't already, then post or send me the username.


Draft lottery will take place once everyone is in and has sent their payment to @AriGold, ideally by Dec 23 so we can start the draft on the 26th or 27th.

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Draft order


1. @70seven

2. @Cromeslab

3. @I.Am.Ironman

4. @Herberts Vasiljevs

5. @Phil The Thrill

6. @VancouverHabitant

7. @AriGold

8. @Western Red

9. @Master Mind

10. @Big-Country


Draft may begin at any time with 70seven, but no picks are obligated until Dec 26.


The players page on Fantrax will be regularly updated with available players. Be sure to sort by different filters such as FP/G to get the clearest picture on the best players remaining. Will have the spreadsheet up soon too.


Reminder this is a 2nd half season league, so only stats scored from Jan 3 onward will be counted.

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2 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

He hasn't been online since Thursday so I wonder if @70seven is maybe away somewhere for holidays?  Either way, we'll get this done once we pick up a bit of pace like the first draft so I'm not too worried.  

Funny thing is we can bypass the first 3 picks and let them figure out the order they want to take Drai, McD and Ovie.. lol..

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