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Heavy Weights and Uh Oh Moments..

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Thought it might be interesting,

The “Fighters” of the league are becoming few, unless they play hockey too.

 I didn’t mean to start this thread as a “Fight Card” for fights in the NHL, but catalog “the changing of the guard” so to speak.


Witnessed it last night when the massive well coordinated D man Kurti Macdermid, went against the antagonistic Ryan Reaves.

I think Reaves had his uh oh moment,  kind of hides it with a smile at the end .



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On 12/15/2021 at 5:51 PM, sassbs said:

I read the thread title and immediately thought heavy weights, isn’t that in the off topic work out threads


Me too. I thought it was going to be about weight lifting mishaps...:blush:



The link in the OP is broken but I saw the fight.


What I found cool about Macdermid style of fighting was his lead/grabbing arm. He held on to Reaves with that arm, used jersey jabs but also tilted his elbow upward which acted like a block that Ryan had trouble getting around.

He definitely got Ryans attention in that scrap. 

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