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[Report] Canucks hire Derek Clancey as assistant GM

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45 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

I think part of the problem is people didn't know how things were run, and there was a definite lack of communication. When your GM says "We ran out of time..." 

Buddy, you had months to try and work it out. If he was trying to dump cap to make room and no one wanted to trade that's a different thing. 

Besides you have an assistant GM. Get him to start the trade talks. When they get close. Bring them to the GM. It's not hard. 

Once Linden was ousted, Benning and Weisbrod just micromanaged everything rather than focusing their attention on the key parts of their job. 

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5 hours ago, N4ZZY said:

If we can make the playoffs and make a small run, I think it could go a long ways to changing the minds of some of the players who are going to be getting larger raises down the foreseeable future - players like Bo, Miller, Boeser specifically. 


Agreed! I mean it will probably be hardest to Convince JT then Bo then Brock. Oldest to youngest, meaning Brock could sign a 5-6 year deal at 7m or so and still get another 5-6yr deal for that amount if not more depending on the Cap and his production when he hits the same age as JT will be when he is a UFA.


If I was GM, after the season ends whenever that is I call all 3 of those guys into my office and I say this... Boys we turned this season around in a big way and there are some great years ahead for this team. Now, that said all 3 of you are eligible to sign contract extensions July 1 (BB6 can anytime). The Canucks organization wants to retain ALL 3 of you, but...


1.  there is a salary cap...

2. We still to improve the roster ie: Defence, quality bottom 6 depth

3. Your all part of this CORE but you ages vary so I know JT you might want to cash in for the largest amount you can as this is your last time to sign a BIG long term contract.

4. We will give you all NMC/NTC ala Gillis era but we need you all to take less $$$. These #s come to mind for the 3 of you for new deals...4


JT Miller: 6yr 8m cap hit

Bo Horvat: 8yr 7m cap hit

Brock Boeser: 7yr 7m cap hit. Try to sign him in season for this? If he lights it up the rest of the way it could cost well over QO long term, right now we MIGHT be able to get him to sign for slightly under his QO if we give him max or near max term and trade protection etc.


I know all 3 of the above contract are for less term AND or cap hit than you want to sign for but you all get NTC and we can stay competitive with ALL 3 of you remaining Canucks!

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On 12/15/2021 at 6:07 PM, Boudrias said:

Do these guys coming in get a housing allowance? It appears that JR will go with a young GM who will look for support from the people who JR have already brought in. 

The Sedins are staying in Vancouver for a long time.

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