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[Report] Canucks recall Guillaume Brisebois

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For the longest time, Brisebois has seemed like one of those guys who could probably be a depth D in the NHL but never really stood out and also never really got a chance to test the waters in the NHL.  While I get the desire to sign reliable veterans even for depth, it also makes sense to me to give young prospects a chance to test their mettle in the NHL.  In the few games Brisebois played, he didn't seem out of place even if it was only in limited minutes. 


For those who have watched Brisebois more closely, what are the most significant drawbacks to his game that would keep him out of the NHL?  Based on what I have seen, nothing really stands out about Brisebois so I can see why it might have been hard for him to catch the coaches eye, but he has pretty much been a reliable, steady defensive D every year he has played in the minors.


I'm not advocating for Brisebois to be a regular but with all the injury trouble the Canucks have had over the years, especially on D, it was always a little surprising that Brisebois got very little opportunity.  It's not terribly unusual in the NHL by any means, but the Canucks are going to need to give their young players a chance to contribute even in depth roles, especially as more of their cap space is taken up by their young core. 

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41 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Will be nice to see what the Breeze can do under Shaw. Bumgardener's systems (if he had any) were like venom to a player's development.

Yup, it'd be interesting to see what we've got in Rathbone at some point too once he's healthy. 


Gotta take the performance of all the prospects we've seen under our former coaching staff with a heap of salt. 

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Watch him flourish. JB loved him some Breezer. Maybe he's the shut down 3LD we have been missing. G Breezy is all class a really high character role player. If he finds his footing in the NHL it could be a huge boon for us in terms of alleviating the ridiculous mins Hughes Myers OEL are playing.   

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9 minutes ago, Chip Kelly said:

Blows brahs breeze bwoah 


This guy has never shown that he is NHL caliber.


This should have been Jack Rathbone's time to shine.


What a missed opportunity to get hurt at a time when the organization is in  desperation for a left hand shot d man.

Wrath isn't the guy we need right now I love Rathbone and I hope he gets his shot. But right now he takes the wrong kind of minutes away from Hughes OEL. Right now we need someone to PK and shot block and gut low event minutes out.  

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