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[Poll] Should the NHL Pause the season till January 1st

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Should the NHL Pause and Isolate till January 1st  

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1 hour ago, VegasCanuck said:

Just curious what fans think.


Personally, I think this is nuts, and it's really cutting into the quality of product on the ice.


I think NHLPA should vote to scrap Olympic participation unless China is willing to move Olympics back a year (has been done before)

The fact Olympic participation has not been scrapped as of yet is mind boggling.

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Yes, but not for the fans. Do it for the players and their families. Cancel attending the Olympics and fit games in there. 


I'd feel awful as a fan if one of our boys missed out on spending the Christmas holidays with loved ones because he was in Covid protocol. 


I enjoy hockey, I spend way too much time here, but there are more important things than sports. 

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It seems like a no brainer from our end.  Shut it down for two weeks, fit the games into where they would have had an Olympic break.


On the other side as a business, the league has to be worried about reduced capacities going forward and missing televised games yet again.  They were just thinking that the players will Abe paid off their owed escrow by 2024 to allow the cap to go up.  Even reduced capacities in Canadian markets for a couple months will probably push that back for a season.

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Yes. I'm gonna miss hockey for the next two weeks but I'd rather let Omicron run its course and let things settle down. Hockey is more fun to watch when all teams are at full strength.


It's going to be extra work for the people at the NHL head office but that shouldn't be the excuse for not doing the right thing.


The break in Feb is a perfect time for this. Create multiple bubbles, maybe one for each division, and get some of the divisional games out of the way during that time. They will lose some ticket revenue I guess so I'm not sure if they'll go that route but maybe they won't have a choice with most of the stadiums being booked during that time.

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Think it would be reasonable to shut it down to Christmas and see what happens with numbers and see what a more developed picture of the severity looks like. 
It also gives more time for the data on Omicron to develop a bit more. If it really does look like a much milder form they may be able to modify protocols.

NFL was discussing moving to testing immunized players that are symptomatic.  I don’t think the data bares that out yet but may be able to do something like that as the data evolves. 

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