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John Madden Passes Away


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Extremely sad news. As a die hard Raiders fan, learning about John Madden was a requirement.

An absolute legend and pioneer who helped make football what it is today. Some great Raiders reads such as 'Badasses' that highlight the type of coach Madden was.


The Raiders were known in the 70s for employing the NFL cast-offs, guys like Lyle Alzado and John Matuzak, John Madden was no different, he didn't look like Landry or Lombardi, he was a chubby, long haired, former Offensive lineman head coach, but he got the most out of all of his players. An excerpt from 'Badasses' (not verbatim) but to the effect of John Madden didn't care what you did from Tuesday-Saturday as long as you showed up and played your ass off on Sunday, he'd do anything for his players and they showed the same respect by being one of the winningest teams of the 70s/80s.

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One of the few voices I will never ever forget. Just read some financial stats about his Madden franchise. He was offered to buy stocks when they were at $7 and within ten years the stock went to $79. Today it's at $132. The Madden games have sold more than 4 billion dollars worth. The next closest game is Fifa at just over $100 million. This man basically built EA Sports. What a legend. RIP

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