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Predict The Score Contest: OTT @ VAN Jan 8 2022

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UPDATE > This game has been postponed.





As of right now, this game is still scheduled to happen.  Congrats to me, @Hairy Kneel, @ruilin96, @McIlhargey the Lesser, @Maginator, @Blaze04, @Edge_Case and @Barnstorm for correctly predicting the final score of the Seattle game.  Several people correctly predicted Podkolzin scoring the first goal, but nobody predicted Motte getting the GWG.


Next up (maybe), the Ottawa Senators



Updated leaderboard:



Predict the winner, the score and the Game Winning Goal (or shootout). (6pts for all three, 4pts for the final score, 1pt each for individual components)

As always, no predictions or edits after puck drop, and no conditional predictions.  If you think I have made a mistake in your score, please DM me.


*Note - In the event of a postponement, all predictions are void and new predictions will need to be made in the make-up games.


Reminder on how the new shootout rule works:


If you feel the game will go to a shootout, you can predict that, instead of predicting the GWG scorer.  If you predict a shootout, and the team you picked to win the game wins in the shootout, you get the point for the GWG, regardless of shooter.


For example, in the L.A. game: 

  • If you predicted 3-2 for L.A. in the shootout, you would be awarded 1 point for picking L.A. and 1 point for picking the shootout.
  • If you predicted 3-2 for L.A. & Arvidsson with the GWG, you would be awarded 1 point for picking L.A. but zero points for picking Arvidsson as the game went to a shootout, even though he scored the last goal of the shootout.
  • If you predicted 3-2 for Vancouver in the shootout, you would be awarded zero points as Vancouver lost the game and the shootout.
  • If you predicted 2-1 for L.A. in the shootout, you would be awarded the full 6 points for getting the final score and the shootout correct.


My predictions:

4 - 1 Canucks

Miller with the GWG


Good luck and Go :canucks: Go!


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Game postponed
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