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[Waivers] Riley Nash

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On 1/5/2022 at 10:24 PM, Me_ said:

Lammikko has some great wheels. Last game he was flying and was very noticeable for all the right reasons that helps a team win games.


Lammikko is very involved. He was a great pickup. At the very least as good as Dickinson if not better suited for the role of 4C.



Some good beef on that line perhaps…


I would agree with your assessment of Lammikko.  He's also pretty strong on the boards and on the forecheck.  But, he's got some deficiencies as a centreman.  IMHO, he's much better suited on the wing, for the reasons you've listed.  The fact that the Canucks couldn't win a face-off on the PK to save their own lives has been a big factor in the bottom of the barrel PK (though it's been better on the regulation time unbeaten streak they've been on).


Given that Nash has been picked up by the Yotes, I guess this ship has sailed for the time being.  I think Riley Nash at league minimum would have been a good match for the Canucks.  Having a guy like Nash allows bottom-up relief for Miller, Horvat and Petttersson.


BTW, I'm not sold on Chiasson.  He's never played "big" and his offence is entirely dependent on PP time (i.e., useless on 5v5 offensively).  IMO, a fourth line of Lammikko -- Nash -- Motte would have been fantastic.

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