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Mafia: Hollywood & The Box Office Flops - GAME OVER - MAFIA WON!!!

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As Hollywood becomes saturated with utter garbage & shyte, a fear begins to grip some of Hollywood's biggest & best studios. Audiences worldwide have forsaken the theatre, and some wonder what's to blame? While some of the Academy's Best Pictures have certainly been deserving of the title, others have infected the core of what makes movies great, and are threatening to debase, defile, & destroy all that is beloved in American cinema.



Welcome to Mafia: Hollywood & The Box Office Flops.



Game will have mild role flavour, depending on sign ups. 

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This is an open setup game, consisting of 2 Mafia, 6 Vanilla Town, and 1 Doctor. Any ties for the lynch at End Of Day will be decided by a Thunderdome the following day. No PMs, any player who does not have a vote placed by EOD for 2 rounds will be GKd.



The Dead:

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