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Pettersson moved to Covid Protocol

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We’re all going to get it. At least he’s getting it over with while we have some days off and while he’s still in his funk. We don’t want him getting it right as we surprise the world by slipping into the playoffs.

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I like Petey and think he is going to be a great player for the Canucks over time.  He needs to spend time being mentored by the Sedins on how they grew into stars through training and commitment.


Covid testing at this point will continue to give a massive number of positives to players who don't get sick. Petey MCD Boes Mathews etc etc.


Just the phase we are in. (Including everyone you know who know 15 people right now who have tested positive with little to no symptoms).


Hopefully in a couple of months the pandemic is widely accepted as endemic and changes happen where we don't worry about asymptomatic cases any more.



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47 minutes ago, Heretic said:

Myself, it's about bang for buck - right now, Petterssson is not worth half of what he is paid.  

This is why I am for a pay for performance salary system.  Have a base salary, then metrics (team and individual).


Edit: No, I don't want him traded - I want him to play better for us.

Would never happen.


It could be abused too much. Teams could put star players in lesser roles until playoffs to cheat the cap.


Players would never agree to it in a million years.

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