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[Rumour] Canucks trying to trade Halak

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More speculation than a "rumour". The speculation comes from Dreger.


"This is interesting. We discussed a bit on the show, so I poked around a bit. I believe the Canucks would consider trading Halak, mostly because Demko is likely to play a lot and the return should be decent for Jaro. The bonus $ likely part of the equation, but not main reason. https://t.co/MnBJPPaJcE"


Not a rumour.

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3 minutes ago, JM_ said:

nah thats crazy talk. 

Sounds about right.


His value's there for sure and the 1.25 cap hit is a factor but helping the Coilers right now seems absurd.

On top of that is MD or AS ready for full time backup duties?


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Not surprising. It makes a ton of sense. Halak is good enough to be a starter on several teams right now (Oilers, Sabres, Sharks, Bruins, Flyers) and if Halak plays 10 games an overage bonus will be on the Canucks cap next season.


Benning gave Halak an NMC for some god damn reason so moving him will be a little harder BUT I think if Halak has a path to be a #1 elsewhere, he likely waives to go elsewhere.


With Rutherford in charge, expect a lot of players to be traded. These rumors are only going to ramp up. Halak, Pearson, Poolman, Motte, Dickinson, Lammikko, Highmore, Chaisson will all be dangled in trades. It's clear that Rutherford believes a lot of work needs to be done with this team and he's gonna be getting whatever prospects/picks he can for the assets he inherited from Benning's regime.

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2 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Who’s that young kid that’s with the Oilers that played for the Giants?  Tyler ?  That guy.  Good bottom six kid.  

Oh Benson.


Yea he’s alright. Not worth it to help out the Oilers though.


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I wonder if Tampa could have interest?  Vasilevskiy will obviously play the bulk of the games, but Halak would be an upgrade on Elliot and both are expiring UFAs.  Halak's bonus would probably be a turnoff for Tampa, but he would give them more insurance in net.


Elliot would be a downgrade but he would at least be a serviceable backup for the Canucks for the remainder of the season.

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