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French Protests


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Tried to find this on CBC but apparently they aren't covering it.


Here is a BBC article on one of the big protests going on in Europe at the moment.



Covid: Thousands protest in France against proposed new vaccine pass

1 day ago
Protesters in the French capital, ParisIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,
About 18,000 people attended the protest in the capital Paris

French authorities say more than 105,000 people have taken part in protests across the country against the introduction of a new coronavirus pass.

A new draft law would in effect ban unvaccinated people from public life.

Demonstrators in the capital, Paris, held placards emblazoned with phrases like "no to vaccine passes".

Interior Ministry officials said 34 people were arrested and some 10 police officers were injured after the protests turned violent in some places.

The bill, which passed its first reading in the lower house of France's parliament on Thursday, would remove the option of showing a negative Covid-19 test to gain access to a host of public venues.

Instead, people would have to be fully vaccinated to visit a range of spaces, including bars and restaurants.

The government says it expects the new rules to come into force on 15 January, although the opposition-dominated Senate could delay the process.

But demonstrators on Saturday accused the government of trampling on their freedoms and treating citizens unequally.


Others targeted their anger at the president, Emmanuel Macron, over comments he made earlier this week in relation to unvaccinated citizens, telling Le Parisian newspaper that he wanted to "piss them off".


One protester, hospital administrator Virginie Houget, told the Reuters news agency that Mr Macron's remarks were "the last straw".

And in Paris, where some 18,000 people marched against the new law, demonstrators responded to his coarse language by chanting: "We'll piss you off".


TV images showed altercations between protesters and police turning violent in some places. In Montpellier officers used teargas during clashes with the demonstrators.


Turnout for the protests was estimated to be about four times higher than the last major demonstrations on 18 December, when some 25,500 people marched across the country.  But despite the vocal protests, opposition to the new measures is not widespread and recent polling suggests the vast majority of people back the vaccine pass.  France is one of the most highly vaccinated countries in Europe, with more than 90% of over-12s eligible for the shot fully vaccinated.


Meanwhile, new coronavirus infections are rising rapidly across France as the new Omicron variant takes hold.

The country recorded more than 300,000 new cases for the second time in a week on Friday and admissions to intensive care wards are rising steadily, putting healthcare systems under strain.  Some hospitals have reported that some 85% of ICU patients are not vaccinated against Covid-19.

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6 minutes ago, VancouverHabitant said:

I don't agree with vaccine passports. 

It has been a way of punishment for those that don't want to take the vaccine.  There have been some silver linings such as convincing more people to take the vaccine.  

There is also no way to measure how much slower the spread has been amongst the unvaccinated population who is harder hit by the virus, but that could be seen as a small silver lining.  


On the other side, people's mental health has taken a huge hit and that's not something that will be easy to treat.  We have also alienated a large segment of our population.  


Taking all of those reasons into account, vaccine passport is not a good thing for our society.  

mental health is from lockdowns and social distance, not vaccine mandates.

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13 minutes ago, VancouverHabitant said:

There is also no way to measure how much slower the spread has been amongst the unvaccinated population

If there is no way of measuring this, why would you say it is slower spreading amongst the unvaccinated?

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28 minutes ago, butters said:

mental health is from lockdowns and social distance, not vaccine mandates.


If this is meant as an encouraging mental health comment then thank you! Although luckily I am not prone to that.

If its a meta comment on my presence on the board, I didn't think I posted enough to be know to anyone ;)

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14 minutes ago, #Canucks said:

If you get the vaccine you can catch & spread covid with less symptoms. If you don't get the vaccine you can catch & spread covid with worse symptoms. I think the consequence is not getting the jab. Let the unvaccinated be. They will either live or die but that is their choice. Stop fighting.

Sure, as long as we stop wasting tax dollars on keeping those idiots alive. 

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45 minutes ago, JM_ said:

just get the shot 

in France we are at more than 300.000 cases by day. so your "vaccine" doesn't immunize at all. which is the definition of a vaccin. 


now in term of "protecting from severe form", the DREES here, the institute of Statistics for the health minister, said only 36% of deads were unvaccinated. 66% were vaccinated. so you're banning from society the unvaxxed guys who are tested DAILY at their own costs, for a product in still experimental phase until 2023, that does'nt prevent from controling cases and for a very light benefices for a specific profil such as old, with diabetis disease ? 

our prime mister Castex said yesterday than you can be Covid positive and take the train if you are vaxxed, but a Covid negative unvaxxed can't. 

what's wrong with you, and your world ? 


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12 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

Some foresaw that the passports would become stricter, and this appears to be the case. They were a bad idea from the beginning for this very reason.


I also think the passports give people a false sense of safety, which then results in not masking/distancing as safely as they could/should. Sporting events, concerts, and even restaurants are good examples of this.


Get rid of the passports.

They were not strict enough to begin with.  Stop forcing those of us whose brains work properly from being forced to mingle with these waking biohazards.

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3 minutes ago, brownky said:

In this case, people should be able to do what they like.


But they should not have access to hospital resources relating to Covid. You got it? No shot? No dice, go suffer at home - you made your bed. Quit taking up resources for other people because you decided to be a moron.


I don't like the passport but I equally dislike people displacing smarter peoples' surgeries and whatnot just because they think they know better and then wind up nearly dead in a hospital bed.

oh my... since 2010 we displacing surgeries because our gouvernements delete beds in hospitals. even at the most of the covid in 2020, our beloved Macron and Veran had deleted 5200 beds ! 

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4 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

Well, I protest a new thread being created for this story.


Now we have two Covid threads.....just what we need....<_<

The covid thread is just about the most toxic thing I've ever seen on an internet forum.  Even got mods jumping all over people in there.


This is supposed to be about the protests, but of course some discussion will spill over.  Debate and discussion are good things, even if all opinions do not line up nicely and neatly.  

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Dr. Patty Daly, chief medical officer of health for Vancouver Coastal Health:

"It's really to create incentive to improve our vaccine coverage," she said. "The vaccine passport is for non-essential opportunities and it is really to create incentive to get higher vaccination rates."

"The vaccine passport requires people be vaccinated to do certain discretionary activities such as go to restaurants, movies, gyms - not because these places are high risk. We're actually not seeing COVID transmission in these settings."

It's not about protecting the spread, it's about getting higher vaccine rates. Why isn't this in the news? You can decide that for yourself (link to video below).

We have heard it straight from them - the vaccine passports are a form of coercion. This is causing major segregation in the community. It doesn't help when Trudeau calls unvaccinated people "misogynists, and often racist", and even goes on to say "do we tolerate these people?" - sounds like a phrase that got a certain Hockey Broadcaster fired. Link to Toronto Sun below in regards to his comment).

The French President saying he wants to "piss off" unvaccinated people and make life more difficult for them so they'll get jabbed is yet again another form of coercion. 

Getting the vaccine only protects the person who is getting the shot, which should be that persons choice. Period. This is just getting out of hand. Good for them for protesting, and sticking up for their rights.


References below for the quotes



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