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The January tournament is underway.


There is a TWITCH streamer showing today's matches (Monday night here, Tuesday there), which may be seen here (2330ish our time):

https://www.twitch.tv/crazy_japanese I don't know if she will be showing further days.


You can get caught up by watching previous day's matches from sites such as this:


                                                           regards,  G.


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The Spring Basho(every March) in Osaka is a hoot.


First time we attended, the Missus took me to a nearby noodle restaurant beforehand, that the wrestlers often frequent. It's cool to see them milling about, amongst the public - although most folks certainly give them a wide berth!


There was an amazing gaijin expert/TV analyst on sumo, a Ms Doreen Simmons. She'd come to Japan about 5 decades back, & fell in love with the sport. She got to know many stable managers & wrestlers, & offered keen insight. She wrote mag articles & provided commentary on NHK. It was sad when she passed on a few yrs back.

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