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What's wrong with EP.???

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Surprised no one has started a thread about this yet as it is brought up in almost every other game topic.

So what's up with Pete? 

There are several games I've watched this year where I thought the effort wasn't there.

Does he seem like the kind of guy to lose confidence?  I don't think so. 

He just doesn't seem to be trying to bear down and work through whatever holding him up. 

Mystery to me. 

What do you think ? 

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I was wondering if he had an injury at first (groin after rushing into the season?).......now I'm not sure about that.  He has no confidence, no killer instinct and he's shooting way less it seems.  Perhaps the wrist is still an issue but it has to be more in his head because some of his passes are outright boneheaded right now.  Interestingly, I haven't seen Miller or anyone else get on to him.  Tells me that there must be a story behind all of this


He'll be fine but my guess is that it will take the bulk of this season or more for us to see the old Petey back.

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I've been wondering about this as well and I think he must have an injury that is affecting his shot.. He had a 100mph slapshot a couple of seasons ago and now has no velocity on his shots at all.

As often as these guys get slashed on the wrist its hard to say when it might have happened but he has been off for quite a while now.



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I go for door #3.


Sometimes players, young ones especially” have bad stretches.


He was good last year, only slightly down on production but the entire team was horrific around him so that seems to make sense.


I think he will be just fine.  He apparently works hard after practices and according to Boudreau might be just too in his own head about it.  

A new summer of adjusting his training and resetting things, starting the season on time and not missing training camp, etc will bring him back into form.


Maybe it turns out he is just a great player and not an elite top 5 franchise centre in the league like he was tracking to be during his ELC.  I don’t think that means he is “off”.  Naslund was no Bure in terms of elite play driving, but he was an amazing player for us for years.



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He has lost shooting confidence.


He is still passing well, sent in Pearson all alone in the game vs Florida... has done that several times in the last few games.


Still playing decently defensively, and improving his faceoff skills too.


Basically he needs to practice shooting the puck... the instant it is on his stick, it should be gone...  Needs to spend an hour a day doing nothing but shooting.

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It is more than confidence - but what?

When he made a mistake 1st couple of years, he backtracked with a vengeance before

He played with fire and his stick work was magic

You just don't see either of those constants anymore

Even at the scrum from behind when  Demko was hit, he had a blank look and was not interested in helping his teammates being attacked

Just looks withdrawn with no intensity to his game

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Effort is there. He was really slow making decisions the whole season. I guess he has realized this and is trying to amend this by picking up his tempo. You can tell by his ultra hard passes he was throwing out today. Dont know what's wrong with him. He has hit a wall, the creativity is all gone. For one, he needs to move his legs when he has the puck, not just stand still. 

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I'm not so sure it's the willingness to shoot that concerns me, but the lack of creativity in his play. First 2 years the kid was a magician with those hands. Always seemed to be able to create something out of nothing. Now I get anxious every time hes got the puck. 

Remember when juice did that interview with him at the all-star game where he said "he wanted to be THAT guy everyone admired". Thats a pretty high bar to hold yourself to. And when things regress the way it has and the attentions off, you loose sight of that one goal you've been after all along. He wants people to see him a certain light. That needs to change with a  new role quick, or the only thing that can save him is a new team/new fans.



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