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Predict The Score Contest: VAN @ CAR Jan 15 2021

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19 hours ago, Canuckster86 said:

4-2 Canucks


I have to know this...why is this thread reliably up all the time in advance of a game, yet we for some reason ask people to create the GDT meaning we wait till whenever they make it to discuss the game??


Seems ass backwards to me, should just make it an all in 1 thread and talk GDT and prediction...Mods make it mandatory to submit your predict the score BEFORE you can make a post into the GDT...crazy I know!

It's probably because this thread is hosted by a single person while the GDT is a community effort.  If you check out the GDT sign-up thread, you will find that very few people have volunteered to post the GDT.  Besides, I mostly take care of this thread while on company time.  Just don't tell my boss.


As for combining them into a single thread, it would be near impossible for me to comb through 1,000+ posts in a GDT versus the 50 or so I get in each prediction thread.  I appreciate the suggestion, but it's way easier for me to keep them separate.


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