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Will the name "Loui" be censored?

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Will the name "Loui" be censored?  

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Censoring individual words is always a fool's errand.  It's the concepts and motives behind the use of words that need to be given some consideration.  One can insult someone deeply using ordinary language and one can joke around with friends using the most taboo words.  Words don't matter it's the intentions behind them.  GCG!

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15 hours ago, D.B Cooper said:

Too much censorship around here anyways.  
Start censoring names and this place turns into a sissy land for dorks. Not that it isn’t already…

I always thought the name censors was in good fun. 

People get soo worked about certain players and go on about them too much that I laugh when the mods do those kinds of things.


I like CDC for the work the Mods do. A place that for the most part wont allow personal insults and the no-swearing rule is refreshing.


If you want dork and sissy free I believe there are plenty of other sites that let anything go but some of them are real cesspools. 


I sometimes stream my fights, one of the sites has a chat feature...uncensored...it's insane the amount of racist, homophobic, childish stuff that gets posted. 

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