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Pettersson do we really need him?

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8 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I will help DeNiro out:


“I know allot of people are going to scorch me for this but I fail to see the reason why nobody questions his ability to play in the nhl. Every game i watch with him in the lineup(all of them) I find myself screaming at the tv because of the stupid stuff the guy does. Personally i'd rather have any of the guys that are fighting for a spot on the team rather than pettersson. Everyone's #1 reason they like this guy from what I read on this forum "He's great on the pk. Who cares! Anyone can do this thats fighting for a spot. He can't score and i'm tired of horvat carrying this guy on his back night after night, I'm tired of him losing the puck, falling down everywhere seriously this guy falls down a hundred times a night can't he skate its ridiculous, stupid penalties its endless. "He plays with grit" is another common description tossed out when his name comes up. That ok sure he pisses off guys but fails to do really be able finish that job off by being able to fight because he can't. IMOP he's an embarrassment to the team. Please Rutherford let this guy go keep Highmore or Dowling or Chiasson whoever. let er rip.“

Wooooo Saaaaaaahhhhhh! Wooooooo Saaaaaahhhhhhh!

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If we trade him right now do we get someone who is enough of a difference maker to get us into the playoffs?


There is risk because it would hurt if the alien came back and became the ppg center I thought he was a year ago.


I'd probably only trade him if the deal is worth it. Like a good young player and a first but otherwise I'd wait until next year's trade deadline to let him try to figure out whatever is going on with him. He's our best shot at a franchise #1 center that most teams have on their run to the cup. That's why it's so frustrating. Because if Petey had 20 more points this year where would we be now? 


In that sense, yeah we do really need him to go back to his old self. Atleast for us to he what we thought we were. 

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My best friend thinks now might be the best time to trade him before his value plummets even more. I personally take a more optimistic route that he can and will eventually turn it around, even if that's not this year.

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