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[proposal] Miller to CBS

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34 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Domi is a cap dump.  

Lol not really, 17 points in 26 games is top-6 production on any team.  He's also a pending UFA so I wonder if we're better off trading him if we don't plan to re-sign him, but otherwise a pick for Domi, plus Johnson, and either Bean or Boqvist would be a solid haul.

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If they move a top asset they MUST get what they need in return.  A RHD who is likely to be top 4.....Boqvist is that.  But I would rather have some size who could partner with Hughes.  Bean is a lefty who plays either side.  Domi is an over priced cap dump / reclamation project (and buddy of Horvat) and I'm not sure he brings anything to the Canucks but the Jackets are going to want to move a significant amount of cap to compensate for Miller.  Johnson, I'm not sure Columbus trades a 5th OA and an 8 OA.  A more complicated deal might be in order

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3 hours ago, NorthWestNuck said:




K. Johnson



FLAME AWAY! Mwahahaha!!

Really only team that makes trade for Miller 28, C/W will be team close making playoff run this year and next year.. Columbus will not make playoffs.. 

Now NYR. - make  sense and they have lots of prospects...

There would be no deal...Like Domi though..

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Wow J.T.'s gonna broaden his horizons.

One of the best 200 foot power forwards in the league hangs up the blades to work with CBS Sports!

In return we'll expect Shanna McCarriston and Austin Nivison!!

Pretty sure they're not up to a .95 PPG output but welcome none the less :)



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CBS is a broadcasting station.

The Columbus Blue Jackets abbreviation is CBJ.

Keep up with the sarcasm after an inaccurate thread post title.

JM corrected it quietly earlier...listen up.

35 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Why would CBS All access trade for Miller? 

The New Trek garbage that bad they need a hockey player to boost ratings? 


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