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[GDT] Panthers at Canucks, Fri. Jan.21st @ 7pm, SNET Pacific, SN650

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29 minutes ago, Outsiders said:

Then we should get rid of Mikey D if we aren't going to play him. Obviously he isn't ready for the NHL yet but he is suppose to be the backup next season not some AHL journeyman. Get him experience. 

Totally doesn't work this way. This makes absolutely zero sense. Why on earth would you get rid of a young AHL goalie because he isn't NHL ready yet? I guess in the AHL they should play 6v6 with no goalies since barely any of them are NHL ready. Hmmm, :blink: Not sure where this supposed to ready is coming from either. Sorry this post makes little sense.

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16 minutes ago, Goal:thecup said:

Marc Bergevin without his clown suit: showing up for work in LA; can't get past securtiy:

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(Was going to set it up for a GDT for LA but would've had to wait until the end of April, so Woomp; here it is.)

(Were we only scheduled to play LA 3 times this season?)

Also Bergevin showing up for work…




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54 minutes ago, wai_lai416 said:

lol and he looked very average ever since. he's no where nhl ready and regressed quite a bit this year.. u can say what u want about the abby canucks lineup.. spencer martin plays behind the same team and their stats are night and day

Sitting for how long on the taxi squad has nothing to do with it of course.

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