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Martin and Silovs also in Covid Protocol - Dipietro and EBUG playing tonight.

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16 minutes ago, iwtl said:

No Dr Henry for BC ended that. No testing at all for fully vaxxed unless pregnant , immune compromised or needing hospitalization.


her orders are clear ….. for fully vaxxed it’s to be treated as a common cold unless you fall into the a prove 3 groups , unvaxxed or work in high risk jobs like health

Yeah, that's not really what she said.

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42 minutes ago, DefCon1 said:

They need to test only symptomatic players. This is getting ridiculous, everyone has covid


I'm as supportive of Henry and mask and vaccine mandates as you'll get.  Science has been pretty good to me. But I agree that the NHL should have not set a date in the future to stop this, but done it immediately.   Sure would have helped us out in hindsight.


If it truly will be evolving into an epidemic from a pandemic in the coming months, and its also now accepted that everyone will eventually get one form of COVID, surely for young healthy athletes, playing in a world where most everyone is double and triple vaxxed, they should be allowed to be ahead of the curve if anything, not behind it.


Instead its a cluster#$%$ of a combination between the NHL rules on testing ALL players regardless......combined with the cross border requirements of two countries that don't respect each others quarantine measures.


I get that its also a political decision for enforcing Canada's quarantine mandates on everyone, regardless of profession or stature. And opposition from non hockey fans would be deafening against the government if they dare to relax them just for NHL (and NBA) players.


But logically, common sense wise, now that we know that some form of COVID will be with us indefinitely, and the latest variant is one of milder symptoms overall, its time to allow non symptomatic players to play with other non symptomatic players. That is what the future will be like anyways. Its how they treat a player with say, a cold.  If its mild and not affecting their play on the ice, they will play.  No flu tests before each game for every player and coach.  And if they give it to another player....that is a risk the team takes. 


And I get it, still a player, or coach, can get the virus from some untested asymptomatic player, take it home, give it to their family, who gives it to an elderly or immunity compromised person, who is so frail they cannot even handle the milder symptoms of the Omnicron variant. But at what point is that threat a small enough percent that it becomes an acceptable risk?  I don't have the answer, but there is always risks in life, its a matter of how much we accept and adapt.


I don't know, just venting.  We will get there eventually.  Usually I am okay with the idea of going the "extra mile" in regards to public safety.  But when it affects my hockey team I go a little crazy.

Patience grasshopper.

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It seems confirmed that it is DiPietro playing tonight as Silovs also went into protocol and he will be backed up by an EBUG.


Amusingly the EBUG has already played 2 games in 2 nights, so if he was called into action it would be his 3rd game in 3 nights.

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  • Provost changed the title to Martin and Silovs also in Covid Protocol - Dipietro and EBUG playing tonight.
1 hour ago, Battlemonger said:

These tests are so stupid. Stop testing healthy people with these stupid tests. Everyone's vaccinated, dumbasses.

The 15 min Rapid tests are only about 65 - 75% accurate. This is due to people not using them properly or contamination. They are only a screening tool.


There's some tests out there now, which are more accurate and completely non-invasive and based just on micro changes in your sense of smell. I believe Canada just ordered about 25 million of these.


They only take about 1 minute to take.


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5 minutes ago, stawns said:

You mean the country that has managed the pandemic very well as opposed to the country currently losing 50 000 people every month?  We should be applauding our measures, not wishing we were more like them.  


Athletes do not and should not get special treatment

yeah I find it annoying to be preached at by people in the US over how to handle covid. 


It is what it is. I expect the guys to come out like they did vs FLA. Plus Binnie is an arrogant puck bag. 

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