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16 minutes ago, Sharpshooter said:

I mean first or second NHL game. Give him a break. 

How would you do on your first or second time around in a pro setting at your job? Assuming you have one and aren’t a Cheetos munching couch potato. 

As a junior sports psychologist recently certified on the web I'd have to say he's suffering post anxiety stress from his own poor play as a goaltender and this stressor probably resembles a situation he recently just failed at in his own life.


Lol, talk about misplaced modifiers

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1 minute ago, mikeyman109 said:

Boeser is a shooter. To have success he needs playmakers to make a play to him. Bossy wasn’t a play maker either. He was a shooter also. Yes he is dependant on Miller and Petey to set him up. Many players have been like that Over the years. 

Yup and there’s many players in the league right now that get paid big bucks to do so. Score goals. Agreed 100%. You also can’t score a lot of goals with just playmakers on your team either. Every player on the team aside from Miller and Hughes are having down years. That means we aren’t finishing. Boeser is one of these players. But I can’t stand when people stretch the truth. Boeser was our best player last year. period 

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12 minutes ago, Sharpshooter said:

Husso played the last 3 games straight. 

That’s not a backup role. That’s what we call a starter. 

there's plenty of cases in the nhl where a backup goalie played several straight when he's hot the past 5 years.. yet they are still a backup in this league he has given up 4 goals in his last 4 games before this obviously you ride the hot goalie.. doesn't necessary mean he's a starter..

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57 minutes ago, b3. said:

He will never be a NHL starter IMO. But this organization [Benning] did him no favours over the last 18 months. 



What was Benning supposed to do? Play Dipietro instead of Demko during a pandemic?

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