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Predict The Score Contest: EDM @ VAN Jan 25 2022

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If we have to go any further down the goalie depth chart, you might see me getting the call up soon. :frantic:  Congrats to @FijianCanuck for being the only one to correctly predict a final score in either of the past two games. @FijianCanuck is quickly closing in @WHL rocks for first overall.


Next up: The Oilers



Updated leaderboard:



Predict the winner, the score and the Game Winning Goal (or shootout).

Predict the winning team - 1pt

Predict the right score, but not the right team - 1pt

Predict the right team AND the right score - 4pts


Predict the Game Winning Goal scorer, OR predict the winning team in the shootout - 1pt

Predict the winning team, final score & GWG (or shootout) - 6pts


As always, only one prediction per game, no predictions or edits after puck drop, and no conditional predictions.  If you think I have made a mistake in your score, please DM me.


*Note - In the event of a postponement, all predictions are void and new predictions will need to be made in the make-up games.


My predictions:

5 - 2 Oilers

Draisaitl with the GWG


Good luck and Go :canucks: Go!


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