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[Report] Canucks name Émilie Castonguay as assistant GM

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Very excited for this hire.  Like others have mentioned here, I was worried that JR would just be hiring people he'd worked with in the past... Keeping it a 'old boys' club, but so far it looks like anything but that.  


What I'm most excited about with this hire, is the untapped talent pool JR has ventured into.  We are getting some brilliant hockey minds that haven't been given the opportunity to excell at the highest level... Only because of their sex.  I'm very proud of JR... This is a watershed moment in this franchise.  We're getting the best female hockey minds in the world, working hard, probably with a chip on their shoulder and hungry to win!  This is going to be awesome!!!

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1 hour ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

Makes sense to hire an agent to handle contracts and stuff of that ilk. Should take some of the pressure off of whoever the GM is (let's not kid ourselves, it's going to be Allvin).

I would have been fine with Jen Botterill, but this hire is better. We needed a capologist and she looks to have the resume for it. 

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34 minutes ago, hockeyville88 said:

Hi all, 


It's been years since I logged on to CDC (do we still call it that!?) during the day. As some of you veterans probably remember, I used to live on here during my university days. Not so much anymore as life has taken over just a bit.


Anyways, I had to hop on at the first opportunity since hearing this news, just to say that I have never been prouder to be a Canucks fan. I have given the team a lot of flack the past few years, for their on-ice performance and also for their, at times, lack of progressiveness when it comes to embracing change in hockey. I was concerned with the hiring of Jim Rutherford, that this trend would continue. After all, he is an older, Caucasian male, and so I could understand why he might not be the most progressive. 


Well, I am thrilled to have been wrong about that. The hiring of Émilie is a tremendous move for the Canucks. Everything I have heard about her is that she is knowledgeable and tenacious in her work. She knows the game and the business, and will bring that wealth of knowledge to our team. In addition, she gives hope and inspiration to many girls and even women like myself who always dreamt of playing pro hockey but never had the chance. I now work in pro sports. I love it, but I dream of the day I can work in pro women's sports. 


Yesterday, I went to buy new hockey gear. All the stuff I tried on didn't fit right. It was too tight in some places and enormous in others. I was complaining about this to the sales clerk and he went "why don't you just try some of the women's equipment?" I honestly had no idea that they made hockey equipment specific to women's bodies. The minute I tried on the pants, they fit perfectly. I sat there with tears in my eyes, watching an entire team of girls get fitted for gear, knowing that this is what progress looks like. 


This is a monumental day for women in sports, and the Canucks were behind it. I am so very proud. 

This won't prevent me from bashing Tyler Minors...Myers ^_^...the next time he takes a useless penalty, but my respect and loyalty for this club just went way up.


Well done Canucks.

Have a great day, all. 

Didn’t even know you left tbh :lol:


Welcome back!

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2 minutes ago, Boudrias said:

Maybe Rutherford already has his GM but not announcing until the end of the season. 

the delay is probably more to do with the size of the contract, GM is a big ticket item. I'm sure Aquilini wants to think about this one too. 

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1 hour ago, DeNiro said:

Seems like the Habs missed out here.

That’s what I was thinking. Just as qualified, bilingual, and a chance to repair some of their well deserved negative PR. Would have been a good move for them.

Oh well. Their loss is our gain. She could be a GM let alone an AGM. This should be a big win for us. We are going to have a very qualified front office team. Lots of intelligence in that room and a diverse experience pool to draw from. 

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Cue the complaints. 
Even though she is very well regarded in the hockey world and she has taken the well worn path that many have to AGM/GM position it won’t be good enough for some. 
How does the word cue not start with a q?


Welcome, hope you bring great things to the Canucks. 

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It’s nice to see a full compliment of different roles of management to this team. Don’t know much about this person but I trust JR. It would be nice if they create a PR position as well. A well spoken liaison to speak to the media. Never understood why we don’t have that. Especially with how awful JB was.

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