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[GDT] January 25, 2022 Edmonton Oilers (19-16-2) @ Vancouver Canucks (18-19-4) at 7:00 SNPTV and SNP650AM

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Not bad for a team missing 3 top 9 but wow, try hitting instead of playing shinny and the Coilers won't have so much possession. Honestly, the team did not deserve the W, despite the poor officiating. The team played poorly from the 40 min. mark.

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2 minutes ago, BlakeQuinnAndEggs said:

Halak is getting dealt for sure. Martin is a gamer

That was one of the many mistakes that uncle Jim made, signing him  - with a bonus to boot.  The guy barely one one game out of nine played.   I'd rather take my chances with this Martin kid anyday.

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You can’t play 20 minutes and expect to win. 

Im just confused as to where the Canucks got the guff to think they can just leave an AHL goalie to dry.  
This kid is standing on his head and they just left him out there to try to win it himself.   

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