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[GDT] January 25, 2022 Edmonton Oilers (19-16-2) @ Vancouver Canucks (18-19-4) at 7:00 SNPTV and SNP650AM

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2 hours ago, EmilyM said:

Hypothetically if the Canucks were to tell him that he's not part of the plans for the near or longterm future and they're not going to play him to reach his bonus, I would bet he'd be willing to move to a team that'd give him an opportunity to play a role.

He's 36 years old, and he's on a 1 year, fill in contract.


I'm pretty sure he knows, he's not part of the teams long-term plan.


He's played 8 games already, we're not going to suddenly run with someone else, and the only other option would be for Demko to make 40...ish straight starts.


JR has also said publicly in interview, that he helps us win games and they aren't concerned about the bonus.


I think you need to take another look at your math on where you think our leverage is to make him agree to waive his NTC ;)


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Brandon Blandina #39
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First NHL Game 1/15/15 3/19/19
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  Devin Berg #87
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Games ’20-21 (Reg/PO) 38 / 9 51 / 0
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First NHL Game 10/15/15 10/11/02
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1 hour ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

He made 44 saves on 47 shots in their last game.

Is that a flex for Koskinen?

3 goals in a game it what I see.  

In honesty, considering the oilers defence stinks like a garbage can at a dog park, that’s a pretty damn good game.  
A ton of those shots were great chances. 

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1 hour ago, Boudrias said:

Halak isn't playing now. At 36 I would think he wants another crack at a CUP. He must have thought he could beat Demko out of the #1 goalie spot when he signed. At the very least he probably expected to play a lot more. A contract is a contract but there are no guarantees on playing. I doubt it would impact signing UFA's. If nothing else I think JB had a great rep for integrity in the hockey world. If Rutherford is approached over Halak I think Halak should be made aware and he can say yes/no. 

Maybe, maybe not?


I doubt he thought that, Demko was established when he signed, we chose him over Markstrom. Halak would have known he was coming as a backup in some capacity, that's what he'd been doing in Boston.


Guarantees of playing? Demko wasn't ever likely to play 73 games out of the season, Halak was always going to hit his bonus if both players stayed healthy. 


JR can approach him, absolutely. But strong arming him into a trade by saying we won't play you to your bonus threshold? Yeah, that's bull$&!#. 


If Halak doesn't want to go he doesn't have to, and he'll play.


1 hour ago, 4petesake said:

While she might not have final say on it this is exactly the kind of thing that Émelie won’t allow to happen on her watch.

I agree.

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1 hour ago, Boudrias said:

Canucks have been getting close to 40 shots a game. High tempo can be met by the Oilers but their d-core struggles at times. Horvat and Garland and now Pearson are out. That is a whole top 6 line. That hurts. Canucks get the first goal then look out. 

Pearson really isnt a top 6 so its not a huge loss as we got Miller back tonight 

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6 hours ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

I had such high hopes for Mikey but he's completely stagnated regressed even from his last season in Utica. Really hope he turns it around but I think Silov or Spencer will be the backup next season.


I think he relies far to much on athleticism while struggling with the fundamentals like tracking the puck and positioning.

That 3rd goal was a good example, it wasn't a hard shot and it wasn't a well placed shot, yet he wasn't able to either figure where his glove needed to be or wasn't quick enough. Either way I've seen a lot of goals like that scored on him, sure he makes some really athletic wow type saves but is beaten far two often on easy saves that should be instinct type saves.  if after 3 years with Ian he's not progressing but regressing that's a big red flag.

Hard to develop when you never get to play games because you're on the taxi squad and having to share 1 net with 2 other guys.

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