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[Report] Canucks name Patrik Allvin as GM

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Patrik Allvin as GM  

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Obviously worked with Clancey and Rutherford for years. Interesting that he moved up in Pitts over the years, considering they rarely drafted Europeans while he was the Euro head scout - and their drafting record was not great after he took over the scouting dept. Hopefully there's lots of stuff I'm not seeing. Was just getting stoked on Darche lol. I trust Rutherford's judge of character re: hockey hiring decisions, so hoping for the best.

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16 minutes ago, Nooks said:

Pretty horrific draft history in Pitts. Like REALLY bad :sadno:  hopefully he can find us a few gems like Jimbo did.

Says he was the european scout, but did he ever lead the department and have final say?

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Now if you can turn 2 assets ( miller and boeser ) into 5 young pieces that can help us now and in the future please. We all know what we could poach from the rangers that could fill alot of those holes.

Motte too if his value is worth it honestly. It was very obvious how much we lack being on that roadtrip. Tons of value on this roster for a fast retool

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2 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

Yep welcome to the Vancouver penguins. 

We barely need to change our logo and a penguin breaking out of ice makes more sense than an orca. :P

hopefully those two played a huge part of constructing the teams that won them the two cups..


Orcas eat Penguins... another connection. :ph34r:

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4 minutes ago, Quantum said:

When the rumors that it could be Matthieu Darche were coming out earlier today, I was pretty excited by that. Felt like he was gonna be the perfect fit as GM. I'm a little disappointed by the Allvin hiring. However, I don't want to rush to judgement on Allvin. He's got experience working with Clancy and Rutherford and he's been working as an AGM for awhile. Also, it's very fitting that the Canucks would hire the first Swedish GM in NHL history.


The Jarmo Kekkalainen hiring by CBJ was met with a lot of doubt when it happened. I feel like that hiring has been a huge boon for CBJ. It could be the same here with Allvin.


With that said, this hiring definitely still signals that Rutherford is running the show and this hire might be more "elevated AGM" than GM for now.


Regardless, it feels like a good hire. Maybe not the best hire. But a good one.


Watch Darche go to the Ducks.

Darche would have definitely be a big swing but he is a bit too green when it comes to sports management. 


Really our choices were limited given this is an in season hire. Maybe better had we held out till the offseason. 

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