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[PGT] Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 25, 2022

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Winnable game, you cant sit back and hope to win things like that third period. 


Disappointed in how the team handled themselves defensively tonight. 


Also dont defend in OT stop playing Lammikko, Motte and Highmore in OT. Play the kids who have more offensive potential

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Just now, MikeyD said:

The team played like they were playing not to lose. And they deserved what they got. 


Travis Green hockey. 

Need Bo back.  Faceoffs and puck possession are important 

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It was a good effort but that third was poop. The team doesn’t have the talent and it needs to trade assets to get some more offense. The backend just doesn’t create anything and the forwards don’t create enough. Sorry that’s just truth. Sure we have players missing but even with them we are not that good.

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When are they going to learn defending a 2 goal lead never &^@#en works !!!! . Dickinson in ot ? What the &^@# . Try some pyer with imagination and puck skills .. nah hoggie and pods stapled to the &^@#en Bench.. how do you blow a goalie performance like that .. &^@#en embarrassing 

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