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[Report] Aaron Dell suspended 3 games

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This suspension was too little too late yet again.  They waited until someone got hurt before they addressed the problem.  And they had plenty of chances to get it right before that.  The NHL continues to be a complete embarrassment/joke when it comes to officiating and supplemental discipline.  The fact that no goalie has been suspended since 2007, especially Dell, is a joke if not a serious neglect of enforcing obvious rules.  The fine system that the NHLPA insists on is also a joke.  Goalies need to be protected in their crease, yes.  Otherwise, can anyone really say why they should get special protection?  I think that it gives them the idea that they can do whatever they want, and often they do.  Like Dell.  He's crossed the line many times.  As far as I'm concerned outside the crease they are fair game if they want to play the puck (within the rules of the game).  If they don't want to get hit like everyone else, then don't play the puck.  And they most certainly don't have the right to cheap shot players who just happen to be passing by.  GCG!

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4 hours ago, gurn said:

"Dell has not been fined or suspended before"  should have be followed by


"Because we at the department of player safety, are incompetent, and missed Dell's multiple  previous transgressions."

The NHL has always punished the result rather than the act.  This is the first actual injury at Dell's hands I believe.

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