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[GDT] Canucks @ Flames / Sat., Jan. 29/22 / 7:00 PM (Hockey Day In Canada)

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5 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

Not sure re Bo.  I mean, it's been long enough that he should be.


With viral load, there's a minimum threshold you have to clear to be officially negative again.  


Just nothing out there yet.

I see, hope he will ve available. Am getting tired of this COVID thing every year.

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2 minutes ago, Flipper said:

So far so good, haven’t heard from Ticketmaster that we can’t go so my son and I will be at the game cheering on the team. Go Canucks go!

That's awesome.


New rule:  you must have a Canuck jersey and a cowbell to get in (you can borrow mine)

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7 minutes ago, Mrwipeout said:

Ahhh one of those 4 point games...rival and all. Hope Bo will be back and that Petey and Brock continue doing good things on the ice....Go nucks go!!! :canucks:

Anyone know if Demko is back in net tonight against the Flames? 


I think Petey’s turning his season around….really slowly. But nobody can say he hasn’t been producing recently. It’s a lot better than earlier this season that’s for sure. 


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8 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

I've told this story before, but here's the condensed version of why HDIC will always be so special to me.


Mom was in the final stretch of terminal brain cancer, in palliative.  Mostly disconnected from reality by that point, but had glimpses of her here and there.  Very brief and very emotional.


I snuck in one day and her curtains were drawn and it was dark and quiet in her room...I pulled down the little hospital TV and turned it on, muted, to watch HDIC.   


Mom stirred.


Canucks were playing the Leafs and I was being mindful not to fully wake her, but all of a sudden she sat up in her bed, squinted to see the TV and said "is that Trevor Linden"?  (It was).  


"Yes Mom, it is" tears rolling down my cheeks.  It would be one of our last moments really "together".  I will never forget it...hockey/sports was our thing.


She laid back down and closed her eyes to sleep.  All was right in her world, if even just for a moment.


(Why do I love Trevor Linden/my team so much?  So many reasons, but she is the driving force in that)


There's that damn tear rolling down my cheek again.  Miss you Mom.

TY for sharing that. My mother passed a few years ago, 94, Loved Trevor, now you have thinking about all that. :)

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