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2022 Winter Olympics Beijing


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20 hours ago, UnkNuk said:

But will hosting these Olympics change anyone's mind about China?  Is someone going to say "Hey, that was an exciting snowboard competition.  Maybe the CCP isn't all that bad!"

Internal propaganda. People willing to rape and murder for the glorious motherland in foreign wars.

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If the US and Canada were not in th3 hockey, the tournament would be a lot of fun and exciting to watch.  All games are great providing these two teams aren’t pkaying or playing only each other.  Have us and them play a 7 gamer for Gold and Silver and the other teams play a tournament for Bronze.  

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4 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

US up 2-1

Not a surprise. A lot of college hockey guys. They have speed. Canada has players from where ever they can find them. Eric Staal, Josh Ho-Sang. A lot of guys playing in Europe. 

Owen Power wasn't noticeable, maybe that's a good thing. 

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Boy there's a name I haven't heard in a long time 

Bobby Sanguinetti.

Wasn't there a poster on here that said the Canucks were going to regret not giving him a decent shot? 

Or is this Sportsnet pulling my leg? Because he's not on the official team roster, but he's on Sportsnet listed roster. LOL.

I thought it was odd because he hasn't played in 2 years. 


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3 minutes ago, Jaimito said:

He didn't look that great last game vs Germany despite Canada winning easily.  

No good college goalies who haven’t signed a contract yet?


Any ex NHLer ls playing in the KHL?


I thought we had a bit better talent pool than that.

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Group A is Canada, US, Germany and China.

Canada won vs Germany and will vs China. So this game detemines the group leader.  Top team of each group qualifies for quarterfinals, as well as highest 4th ranked team. Three groups, A, B, C. 


From https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/sports/beijing-winter-olympics/heres-a-guide-to-mens-ice-hockey-at-the-2022-winter-olympics/3543326/?amp


There are no ties during group play, with even games going to overtime and then a shootout if it remains tied. A regulation win is worth three points, an overtime or shootout win is worth two, an overtime or shootout loss is worth one and a regulation loss earns zero.


The top teams in each group automatically qualify for the quarterfinals, as does the next best-ranked team that did not win its group. The remaining four quarterfinal spots will be determined in the qualification round, where the other eight teams battle to advance.

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