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Potential of tanking for Bedard

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You'll excuse the spam, I am posting this in a few threads because I feel people need to seriously see our odds on even sniffing the playoffs.


Ahead of us in our division alone are 


San Jose




Los Angeles



That's JUST our division with us having played more games than all but Vegas and Anaheim.


If we look at the wild card, we have 


San Jose




St Louis


All ahead of us all with a minimum of 2+ games at hand, and Winnipeg 3 points behind us with 5 games at hand.  We would literally need to hope a minimum of 5 entire teams with games at hand do worse than us by +/- 7 games while we go a minimum of something like 15-4-5 to end the season JUST to hit the 94 point mark.


While stranger things have happened, asking us to somehow play a near .700 over our remaining games while all the teams ahead of us with 2+ games at hand and already large point cushions (barring San Jose, Dallas and Edmonton) play sub .400 is an impossibility.


While we are enjoying the run.  While it is exciting to watch and while we see what is possible.  it is just literally impossible to see this team achieve anything more than a 12th place pick in the draft lottery for their efforts.


This isn't hate, this is a mathematical statement of fact.  The Canucks can not and will not make the playoffs barring an unbelievable run of luck the likes of which beggars what the Blues did to win their cup.

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