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John Garrett's 1983 All Star Game (full)

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Kevin Biestra

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Here is the full video of the legendary John Garrett 1983 NHL All Star Game.  Look at those beautiful clean white boards...


For anyone not familiar with the story, Richard Brodeur was selected as a goalie for the Campbell Conference (now unfortunately changed to the Western Conference and the Wales Conference to Eastern) after the miracle run to the Stanley Cup Final the previous year.  Brodeur got injured just before the All Star Game so his backup John Garrett took his place.  Garrett had been a 1st team All Star in the WHA himself (a league with Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Frank Mahovlich, Dave Keon, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Mike Gartner, Jacques Plante, Gerry Cheevers and many more).  Garrett had also been a minor playoff hero himself for the Nordiques in 1982.  But despite his accolades, Garrett wasn't held in terribly high regard when he stepped onto the ice.  I won't give any spoilers...


Also to note, the game is called by Canucks legend Jim Robson.  Garrett's teammate in net, the other Campbell goalie, is Murray Bannerman from the Blackhawks.  The Canucks drafted Murray Bannerman and then traded him away after literally 20 career minutes as a Canuck.  He played one period, then was traded away as "player who was going to be named later" for Pit Martin.  Pit Martin had been a great player...800 career points...but he was at the absolute end of the road and Bannerman was just getting started.  Also a teammate for Garrett in the All Star Game is Rick Vaive, traded away by the Canucks almost as quickly in his career, as well as future Canuck Dave Babych.  On the other side and already an All Star, Barry Pederson, whom the Canucks would acquire in a few years for Cam Neely.  Pederson was easily en route to being a Hall of Famer before shoulder problems took him from a 100 point player to a 70 point player.


Garrett's opponent to duel in the other net is Pelle Lindbergh, one of the NHL's all time tragedies.  He would soon win the Vezina Trophy and be a Hart Trophy finalist and then die at age 26 in a car accident.  It really looked like Pelle Lindbergh was on track to be the Patrick Roy / Dominik Hasek of that time period.  In hockey terms, the Flyers were fortunate to have Ron Hextall waiting in the wings to pick up right where Lindbergh had left off as a goalie ready to both win the Vezina and take the Flyers to the Cup final in his early 20s. 


There were only two goalies per team then so they changed goalies halfway through the 2nd period.  It's the 55:00 mark of the video clip if you want to skip to Garrett warming up.




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4 minutes ago, hammertime said:

Defense in a all star game weird. 


They used to care and the game wasn't a total joke back then.  The league started treating it as a novelty moneymaking circus spectacle instead of the best against the best, and the players followed suit and adopted that mentality too.  No player used to miss the game on purpose, much less do so at the cost of a suspension.  It all started to go downhill with the North America against the World stuff and just got tackier from there.



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"My opportunity to play in the NHL game came back in 1983 when Richard Brodeur was injured three days before the actual All-Star game. 

There was no other representative from the Canucks that year. Since Richard couldn’t make it to Long Island for the game, the powers at the time decided they would simply send the other Canuck goalie. That was me."

John Garrett had a great game, and was the favorite to win game MVP honors, which earns you a brand new car. In 1983 it was a Pontiac Silverbird.

"I had about 15 saves total up to about the six minute mark of the third period. I knew Lanny McDonald from playing with him at the World Championships one year and he kept talking to me after I'd make a save: 'Hey Cheech, you got the tires....the glove compartment.....hey, great stop. Now you've got the steering wheel.' 

Then about the six minute mark Gretz scores and makes 4-2. On his next shift he scores again. 5-2. Lanny comes back to me after each goal, 'Oh oh, There go the tires...Oh oh, there goes the steering wheel.' The very next shift 99 scores again. Now he's got the hat trick. And then he gets another goal on his next shift. I mean, he takes four shifts and scores four goals. Guess what. I didn't win the car."

“I think he gave it to his uncle or something because Wayne had already won about 13 cars.”


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