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[Proposal] Miller... again... but not to NYR


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I think Canes would want an incremental upgrade. Taking two roster players out, even if Miller is a significant upgrade over Kotka and Necas is probably not what they are looking for. Could disrupt chemistry, which will take some time to re-establish.


And getting Kotkaniemi back doesn't help us cap wise moving forward unless we see him as part of a core (maybe he is?). We will need to re-sign him but how much is he going to get on his next deal? If his ask is 5+, well, I'd rather not. Necas is probably going to be a good add to our team.


The Rangers have what we want (Schneider and a forward/top forward prospect) and we have what they want (Miller but also Motte to strengthen their bottom 6).


NYR bottom 6 is their Achilles' heel. They generate nothing from their bottom 6 and that's a sure way to lose in the first round. Add Miller and they are getting a play driver as their 2C while pushing Strome down to 3C. Adding Motte to their bottom 6 makes their depth all that much stronger. The combined effect will help them win games in the playoffs.


If we go on a bit of a winning streak in the next 8 games before the next home stand (say we go 6-2-0 or better), then I would rather hold on to Miller and Motte, and acquire a 3LD that is good at PK and push for the playoffs by aiming for 5 or 6 wins during the home stand.


If we hold the current pattern like  5-4-0 or 5-3-1 or something average, then I would opt to trade both Miller (at 50% retained) and Motte and see if we can get king's ransom from the Rangers. 


Personally, I'd like us to make the playoffs and so I am hoping that the team can put up 6-2-0 for the next 8 games followed by 5-2-0 record during the home stand, combining for 11-4-0 record before TDL.


Then we would be at 33-24-6 = 72 points with 17 games remaining or maximum of 34 points, of which we will probably need about 20-24 points.


13 of 17 games are against the playoff teams/playoff contenders so it's not gonna be easy but it sure will be fun to follow the team make a push for the playoffs.


I still remember Harold Druken goal against LA that got us into the playoffs after a prolonged absence. That was an exciting moment. Would love to re-live that (but with different results in the playoffs as we were swept by Colorado in the first round).


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3 hours ago, wildcam said:

I would make trade with LA  for  Brandt Clark 19, 6'2 ,RD, 195 over  Faber 20, 6'0 ,195

Clark RD. 6'2 -- 3rd rounder 2022





I don't think LA makes that trade though. LA's performed impressively this season, but their success is still carried by the pillars of their cup winning core. Kopitar will be 35 before next season, Brown's 37, Doughty's 32 and still the straw that stirs their offense from the back end while taking on the toughest matchups. 


LA's got a lot of young talent up front, but doesn't have that same strength when it comes to D prospects. They'll likely want Clark to step in and hopefully take over for Doughty at some point. They could be a team on the rise sooner than later, but if I were to place a bet I imagine they've accomplished more this season than they'd have expected at the beginning. I figure they'll stick with their slow but steady rebuild and allow the team to develop more organically. 


I don't see Clark being available, particularly to a divisional rival. But that's just my two cents. 

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6 hours ago, wildcam said:

I like the deal but we have too much money coming back... We must try and get young RD under 25 and Schneider is top of list...

We would then have to move Boeser if we made trade with Carolina..

People act like Schneider is being offered. What if he's not on the table it's been beaten to death man. If it was happening it would have happened. Not this BS posturing from the Rags and JR. Entertain some other ideas at least. 


@HKSR I doub't Kotkaniemi would be part of it. Necas maybe 


How bout 3rd + Motte + Miller @50 for 1st, Bear, Necas, Koivunen, Heimosalmi, 


Seeing as I had both Heimosalmi and Koivunen as 1st round picks last year I would consider this 3 late 1sts Necas and Bear 

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