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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 17, 2022

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10 hours ago, CanucksJay said:

Yeah that is true but Demko is also a player on this team. 

Some teams have mcdavid. We have Demko. Good thing we have a superstar in the most important position. 

I don't think canucks have many issues. 

I think they have a major problem with special teams. If we had an average special teams unit, maybe TG is still here. With an average special teams under BB, we would be a contender


Don't understand the constant moaning about us only winning because of Demko. 
Yes he is incredible, but only few teams win the SC with an average Goalie. 

How about we embrace the fact we are blessed with a goalkeeper, who has match winning performances, like any star D man or Forward. 

Personaly I don't care if we win the games because of Fin... as long as we win...

Some performances will be better than others, not really a huge surprise. Main thing is getting results even, when you play poorly. 


Positivity is the way forward.... for some of us at least. 

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13 hours ago, Fanuck said:

The local media needs to stfu and leave the kid alone.  Common knowledge, yes - I realize most local media has no knowledge whatsoever - tells us that the average male doesn't reach full muscular maturity until approximately age 25-30 so Petey isn't even close to his physical prime yet, and you can't rush that - at least you can't if you want to stay healthy that is. 

Males actually peak in their 40's, that's when it's easiest to add muscle (and fat lol) .... highest testosterone and muscle memory.    Unfortunately you can eat 10,000 calories a day in your early 20's and work out 6 times a week - it won't add muscle unless your genetics allow for it after a certain period.   Sure you will get stronger though - but you peak then plateau.    EPs frame he should be able to bench 250lbs and dead lift 500, leg press close to 1000 IF he's dedicated himself to weight training as well.    I doubt he can come close to any of that.   6'2" 190... I've seen much smaller guys do  more but they are monsters and have been to the gym since they were 12.    EP doesn't look like he's putting the time in but who knows, maybe he is.  

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15 hours ago, 73 Percent said:

Hopefully that's what happens because I like hoglander.

Me too!

it looks like BB has swapped both podz and Hoglander out for Pearson and Garland.

i wish he would just swap Garland and Hoglander.
It would be better for Peteys line and then both Pearson and Hoglander could take all those shots they’ve been taking.

it would be a punchy line despite Dickinson - especially if some of those shots started finding the back of the net.

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16 hours ago, mll said:

They are bottom-5 in goals scored at 5v5 even looking only at the time under Boudreau.

This team is also #1 in GA on 5 v 5. 


If we are looking at expected goals for and expected goals against, we're in the middle of the pack. 

We know the discrepancy in GA and XGA is Demko. I guess the question is, what is reason for the large difference in the xGF differential vs actual GF? 

Looks like the system is generating enough chances for more goals than what we are seeing. On paper, we have enough scorers (Miller Boeser petey, garland, horvat). Are they snake bitten or do they actually suck at shooting? 

If we were actually anywhere near xGF rather than bottom 5, our record would be very different. 

I guess make trades if you think those guys are unable to revert to shooting at expected average? 

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