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[Discussion] Examining how good this team actually is

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On 3/5/2022 at 1:12 AM, filthycanuck said:

To some extent i agree, but considering the last 7 seasons of trash we've seen, I don't think anybody would be complaining if we were even just a legit playoff team for the next few seasons. Florida coming to this season weren't expected to be stanley cup contenders, and here they are now one of the top teams in the league

For sure, to me a "legit playoff  team" and "contender" leaves a bit of a grey area. I think he means in the past, JB and others seemed quite content on squeaking into the playoffs or competing for a wild card spot being our goal and "playing meaningful games in March" seemed like the high water mark. Benning and ownership also seemed fine with trading assets and prospects for rental players (Toffoli) if it means a low seed playoff appearance or push. The good franchises in the league don't trade for rental players if they aren't contenting or expected to make a deep playoff run. Fringe teams fighting for the last spot don't make those trades nearly as often, it isn't worth it unless you're sacrificing the future of the team for some potential playoff revenue. The point is the bar has to be set higher than meaningful games in march, or "making a playoff push". The bar should be to be battling at the top of the standings and having hopes and intentions of contending for a cup. That hasn't been the bar or trajectory here in a very, very long time. 


Changes are needed to get there. 



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2 hours ago, IBatch said:

Tyler Minors does.  He uses his size at least and obviously holds back given his post season play, and not just with Vancouver.    I don't mind either OEL or Myers - yes their cap hits aren't the best.   QHs has worse stats on the PK - he's played admirably though (since Bruce)....thing is it takes a village.   Is the composition right?  No.   Myers and Brock are the low hanging fruit to fix our cap.   We don't have a succession plan for either so we need some of that coming back OR we can expect to likely overpay to fill their spots.   There isn't a RHD on the market coming up the next two years.... Miller is the wild card because of what the return could be ... Is either Horvat or EP ready to be the main guy?  Maybe we should just wait and see.     Will find out soon enough anyways.   At least we have players to trade (finally) and at also it's hard not to ignore what the teams achieved under Bruce either. 

We are not competing for a cup next year. It's as simple as that. We might compete for a playoff spot though. We trade those guys and our imminent concern should not be "who replaces them". It's what is the maximum amount of assets we can receive and can we fill our glaring holes (Defence, right and left side, organizational depth, prospect pool, draft picks, cap space). Then, in 2 years when we're likely ready to start building a contender we either A) have those assets we accumulated developed and are now cost controlled, legit NHLers. Or b) Flip those assets to fill out the remaining holes in our roster. Our prospect pool, hopefully, would be a lot better by then (by drafting, trading, and signing college/Euro FA's). And if we're unable to trade some/all of our horrid contracts away before start of next year, most come off the books the following year (Dickinson, Hamonic, Holtby/Virtanen, Myers' contract will be way, way more tradeable than it is now).


This team can't worry about replacing the players we may trade. We need to build a championship contender the same way every single other franchise does. Accrue assets, find players that play above their value, trade assets for disgruntled stars on rebuilding teams. There are constantly cap-strapped teams every year that need to part with players they don't want to. It's how we got Miller, it's how we got Schmidt before we let him go. The issue was we did these things before we were ready. JR is an experienced enough exec to know when the time is right.

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