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Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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1 hour ago, Snake Doctor said:

It’s not like anyone will listen to me but AE and SS are on the top of my list as mafia.

Why do you feel nobody will listen to you? 



Several players, myself included, have already called them out as scummy.

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7 hours ago, naslund.is.king said:

If SS is scum no way SD is teammate

If SS is town SD would be my suspect #1

it hit diffrent this game. No build up or earlier mention of it. 

Seems odd for Maf to lock vote a TP right off the bat.



If SS is scum, I'm not ruling SD out as a teammate 

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2 hours ago, Snake Doctor said:

Your feeling is way off. Are you on any sort of heavy medication?

I am on some medication for anxiety.


I don't believe it could be described as heavy.

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Vote Count 


AngryElf (2) - BJ, Falc

Ilunga (1) - NIK

SS (1) - SD

Falc (1) - DM


About 12hrs til nightfall, no votes from more than half of you. Put the bong down fellas.


Failure to vote in 2 consecutive nightfalls will result in a bear mauling / certain death / GK.

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13 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Uhh, I haven’t counted but I’m pretty sure I’ve posted more than you so far, even with real life and playoff festivities.


Lynch all liars?

Apologies, you’re correct. For whatever reason I thought you hadn’t posted as much as you have. I haven’t been able to make a proper read on anyone yet but I’ll do so later today. 

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20 hours ago, Ilunga said:

Honestly I am just voting for him for the reasoning I gave. 


He has the least amount of posts.

Also just prodding to see if I get any reaction 


Last game I was advised to weaponise my vote 

Ilunga really sounds like he's going through the motions here and I don't like it. This reads as being overly cautious, something I haven't seen from him before (first game as scum?). Plus, if you're town, explaining that you're looking for a reaction just tells your votee your plan and allows him to reset.

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  • luckylager changed the title to Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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