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Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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1 hour ago, Sharpshooter said:

Last words:


My apologies for being absent. Had a life emergency. Everything’s good now though. Have a great game.


Thanks Lucky. Solid setup brother. 

Screw the game just glad to hear that everything is alright. 


I knew there was a compelling reason why you weren't around.


Even though you are narco scum !

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26 minutes ago, Tanev said:

Not sure where the sus wagon on me started, AV seems to be over leaning in there, not surprised.


BJ and NIK seem to be piling on a bit

AE seems to be playing  blonde (or maybe just is?)


I like the cut of Falcs jib so far. J-23 not so much 


Has Qwags appeared yet?  

Falcs been murdered by that narco scum 

He was our sheriff 


How could you miss this ?

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6 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

This was the last SS vote on the wagon.


Why so late on SS, was he a top scum suspect for you or did you have another #1 that round?

No, he was not my number 1. At that point I was looking at one of Tanev, AV and J23, and especially the latter for his fantastical disappearing act after calling out slankers. I would've put SS at number 3 or 4, probably tied with Tanev. My main reason for switching off of my easy vote was to make sure nothing funny happened near nightfall. It was quiet at 4-1 but the Toronto Maple Leafs will tell you that doesn't matter (lul). No, I didn't like that the group of people who hadn't voted yet were complete wildcards, and you/NIK ended up making the votes much closer than necessary which would've kept us from finding a real scum. I said this as well, if you do a deep dive on my posts this game you'll see consistency in these statements. 


Last night, J23 tried to drag my name through the mud and NIK/SD followed extremely easily, but his arguments were fundamentally flawed. He thought I was being inconsistent with Ilunga and now has convinced himself (if town, I really don't see that happening at this point tho) that we're a scum team, he then said I slipped because I was referencing another post I made where I talked about a potential reason for Falcons MK which would've cleared Ilunga. Each argument was poorly stated, factually incorrect and passive aggressive, the latter being quite comparable to AV/BW being caught out as scum. At least one of NIK and SD are very likely to be with him as well. 

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2 minutes ago, AV. said:

I'm not opposed to voting out AngryElf.  I'm just not entirely sure *why* he's being suspected in the first place.  

I read back a few times, even.

Obviously I’m slightly biased, but if my mislynch puts the spotlight on J23’s incredibly shoddy reasoning and NIK’s way too easy jump then maybe it’s for the best. I think we’ll learn a lot though if we see some GK’s tonight. Of course, that has just as bad of a chance of screwing us, like if all the slankers are TP. 

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4 minutes ago, J-23 said:

AngryElf is so defensive.

Takes like these make absolutely no sense to me. I have given concrete reasoning as to why your arguments are flawed and completely incorrect. Am I supposed to roll over and let an innocent TP die because you’re making up random crap? Not a chance that’s happening, but I appreciate the request. Again, give me actual reasoning behind your sus on me. You haven’t given any yet. Nothing you’ve done so far is indicative of an experienced town. 

But I bet you won’t give any reasoning other than these one sentence responses, because you aren’t going to stick your neck out on someone you know is a vanilla TP. When I flip green, you’re the next lynch target, and if you don’t give any actual reasoning then you can feign ignorance, hoping a scum teammate of yours will save the day. 

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  • luckylager changed the title to Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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