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Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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3 hours ago, AngryElf said:

It should not be this quiet here. 

Sorry I have been busy this morning my time. 


I am Sus on J- 23 and 

Is this J-23 playing style when he is scum or town 


Tanev has my spidey senses tingling.


I don't think he missed Falcs murder, just pretended to.

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21 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

I think it’s time to revisit Mr. “Anyone who voted for slankers is suspicious. Also I’m not showing up or voting tomorrow.” 

Unvote vote J23

And I wasn’t wrong bird.

SS was the one to say it and he gone and Maf

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1 hour ago, Snake Doctor said:

K-23 seems suspicious as well as AV.  I’m going to lock my vote for AE I’m obviously town so his take on this match is off.


Unvote Vote Angry Elf Locked.

Stop locking your votes. It's annoying and makes you look like your 5 regardless of your faction.

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1 minute ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Still working on the defense for this reTarded line of thinking. Ask NIK how that thought process went last game he tried it. 

This is Advanced Mafia 101.


Relax, doesn’t mean you’re scum. Just means you’re in the conversation.

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Just now, J-23 said:

This round should be NIK or AE.


AE is a duplicate SS and NIK’s game is too casual.

AE if we are going for active players. Tanev or Qwags for potential slanker scum. I looked back at falcon's posts and in addition to being on SS, he singled out Tanev and Qwags, specifically noting Qwags attacking SD, who was on the SS vote wagon at the time. Based off that interaction, very unlikely SD and Qwags would be scum teammates.

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  • luckylager changed the title to Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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