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Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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1 minute ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

AE if we are going for active players. Tanev or Qwags for potential slanker scum. I looked back at falcon's posts and in addition to being on SS, he singled out Tanev and Qwags, specifically noting Qwags attacking SD, who was on the SS vote wagon at the time. Based off that interaction, very unlikely SD and Qwags would be scum teammates.



Qwags is qwagging. Last game he was Maf, he was fairly active and engaged especially during nightfall. Obviously different game but meta means something. Tanev I can get behind…


NIK is Maf, look at his nf, just waiting for anything to maybe slightly possibly slim chance very small unlikely of CFD’ing AE. Disgusting.

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1 minute ago, J-23 said:

Waiting for NIK to respond to my posts but nothing.


Means he either TP or Mafia.


5 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

I have NIK as a town lean. He and I were operating on the same brainwaves when nightfall was approaching. Based off his interactions early in the game with SS, I don't think they are teammates...maybe 3P possibility but not sure lucky would put a 3P in a game of 12.

3p is out of the question

LL isn't sophisticated enough for a every 2nd night SK

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Just now, Ilunga said:

I can't get a read on any of the last 2 pages.


Multiple attacks with some good reasoning and some I don't get. 


I still don't buy that Tanev didn't know about our sheriff getting lynched 





Just for clarification, you find him scummy for not knowing about the sheriff dying, or you suspect he's faking about that?

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1 minute ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Unvote vote SD


Locking on SS is one thing. Locking on AE feels weird

I was just about to post that something feels a bit of about SD 


I know he did vote for SS, however he locked it before the game began didn't and hasn't given much reasoning, keeps saying I am town, that clears me. 


Will keep my vote on Tanev for now however would like to hear some more from both of them

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  • luckylager changed the title to Mafia: Big Weed Inc. - Killing Hippies! (GAME OVER. BOTCHED / DRAW. BOOOO)

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