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[PGT] Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks | Apr. 28, 2022

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-Vintage Canuck-

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6 minutes ago, Locke Lamora said:

That was probably one of the most impressive 1 assist games I’ve seen before. Quinn Hughes was absolutely dominant out there.

He he sure was.  Last few games he's really upped what he's doing out there.  Just amazing to watch him now.  Yes he's definitely just gone to a new level.  I posted that on the GDT.  Can't wait to get Rathbone in there too.  That will be an incredibly dynamic back end.  They actually really needed Jack too the past 20 games or so for the playoff push. 

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2 minutes ago, Green Building said:

Doesn't sound like you know many billionaires.  


As an aside, I don't hate the orca, but love the flying skate to death.  


I wish we would bring it back as home white. Best jersey in sports.

Hopefully JR gets rid of that old "Orca-Bay" Legacy whale.    After JR guts this roster and REBUILDS the team - properly, he can change the identity of this team - as it's long overdue, along with a major renovation of our old arena - which JR said needs major upgrade.   Time to RENEW not REJIG things.

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