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[Proposal] Back to OTT for another...

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A proposal to finish up the week lol





2022 1st Round Pick



2022 1st Round Pick


OTT receive Boeser.  A consistent 20 to 30 goal man, potentially 35+ in his prime. 

Canucks get Zub.  A very solid minute munching defensive defenceman with great underlying defensive numbers, but they also get to move up into the top 10 for the upcoming draft.  Hopefully where someone like Jiricek is still available.



To CLB/DAL/other:



3rd Round Pick


Columbus and Dallas first came to mind as teams that could a RHD like Myers to replace Jones/Klingberg.

Canucks get a 3rd round pick (seems to be the standard for cap dumping defencemen that are capable defenders).  Zub replaces Myers.


Now to the projections and other moves...


Assuming the cap goes up by $1M per year for the next 3 years, then a very conservative $2M per year after that (after escrow taken care of in 2024-25)...


$9.25M x 6 for Miller

$7M x 8 for Horvat (Canuck for life!)

$10M x 8 for Petey

Poolman traded while retaining $600k for a bag of pucks.  At a $1.9M cap hit for a serviceable RHD, he's moveable.

Sign Lyubushkin at $3M x 5 -- defensive defenceman for OEL to finally play offensively

Sign Niederreiter or other Top 6 (Nichuskin?) for $5.5M-ish x 5

Keeping the UFA signings to 5 years, so when Petey and Hughes hit their prime, there's flexibility on what we wanna do then.


TONS of cap flexibility with these moves, and I think we improve overall.  Miller's extension will end right around Petey and Hughes prime, and as you can see, there would be MILLIONS upon MILLIONS to work with to improve the team then. 











This is all assuming we have no prospects ever entering the roster lol.  At some point, we'll have ELCs and young guys moving up.  Especially if we move up in this draft. 

Thinking Karlsson, Rathbone, Woo, and others will come along.  They will help fill in the bottom 6 and bottom defence pair (or 7th D).  For example, I feel that Woo could eventually replace Lyubushkin.


There's just so much cap space to work with and this roster is likely better than this year's team.  All while keeping Miller at $9.25M and re-signing Petey to a massive $80M deal.





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I like the target. Zub has exceeded expectations for sure, and could develop into the shutdown force we need to add. How physical is he? I think that element is important. I can't say I'm high on trading Brock as a person, nor do I think trading an established scorer is always a great idea for a guy who is still somewhat of a risk, but the underlying reasoning behind it makes sense.


Additionally, if we can get a 3rd for Myers and have a replacement waiting in the wings, I am ALL over that idea.

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I think we would have to add in the Ottawa deal.  Going from 15 to 7 is a big jump.  I like the idea of moving up, and adding a RD in a Boeser deal.


I would probably go a different direction though:



Ott 2nd

TB 2nd







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Ill preface by saying I don't mind our current defense. The fundamental problem is age. A few guys I would target if trading Brock. As I highly doubt teams are going to be clamoring to give us their 1st/2nd round picks. 


Ryan Graves NJ He'd probably be my first pick. We need big minute shut down lefty to unleash OEL from that role. NJ Has Bahl, Siegenthaler, Shak they don't need 6'5 Graves too.  


Atrem Zub OTT I really like him he flies under the radar makes simple plays hits blocks shots plays stable and reliable mins. Ott could use Brock I think he'd be a real good fit there.  


Andrew Peeke CBJ 4th in blocked shots and 30th in hits he's 24 6'3 playing hard mins I like this kid.


Jokiharju BUF could they use Brock? Joki's offense is what got him drafted but his defense has come a long way with his skating he could keep up with Hughes pace and might just break out offensively. 


Now do one for Peeke and Jokiharju. JK...... However I also think these are very very viable targets for a Brock trade. Especially Peeke. I like the Idea of having one of Schenn, Peeke, Burr, Myers on the ice at all times banging bodies. Jokiharju would be somewhat of a gamble with huge upside with his mobility if he finds a home w Hughes. 


I like the proposlal. Buuuuuuut I'd be surprised if they would take the bate. As @HighOnHockey said trading Zub would crate a hole for Ottawa. So I doubt they would also do the first swap. However possibly something like Brock and our 3rd for Zub and their 2nd? 


Having a early 2nd would be huge for us. 


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If Zub is that good, doubtful he will be traded.

Need to find players that can jump up to the next level like Miller did (but on the D).  Someone in that 4-6th D spot that can elevate their game.  Poolman was worth a try but didn’t really pan out (health issues?).

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Really like the idea - that's the sort of trade we need to make. We have a plethora of good young forwards in our top 6, especially with Podkolzin improving, and we lack a physical right defenceman to play with Hughes. Zub could easily be that guy. Don't know much about him but it looks like he's 26, plays 18 minutes a night and somehow doesn't have a horrible +/- in Ottawa. 


I'd rather stick with Boeser but basically one of Boeser or Garland could go for Zub straight up even, maybe they throw in a 2nd round pick to sweeten the deal (swapping 1sts would be a bit too rich I think). 


The whole Myers/Lybushkin thing doesn't make a whole lot of difference (maybe our D gets a bit weaker) and cap-wise I think we'd be alright getting rid of a 5-7M forward. 


All I say then is we get rid of Dickinson and Poolman for picks/future considerations. That, plus Luongo's 3M off the books and we go out and sign a real 3C - Tierney from OTT too - 3.5M x 3yrs


Garland - Miller - Podkolzin

Pettersson - Horvat - Pearson

Chiasson - Tierney - Hoglander

Highmore - Lammikko - Lockwood


Hughes - Zub

OEL - Myers

Dermott - Schenn






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