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On 5/3/2022 at 11:13 AM, nameci said:

IBatch, Trade Boeser, we would have to pay him far more than he is worth IMHO and trade Miller too because his contract will be an anchor several years down the road.  I think we have already missed the boat somewhat on Miller as we should have traded him at the deadline.  The team acquiring him at the deadline would have had his services for the remainder of this year’s regular season, this year’s playoffs and all of next season.  The fact that any team we trade him to now will only have his services for next season will probably greatly reduce the quality and quantity of the return we receive.

Well guess we will find out.   Personally i have zero issue with both guys coming back next year ... all this Brock worry doesn't worry me much - we either trade him, get a bag of pucks back and cap space, sign his QO and see how things go, or he takes a deal on the table which is IMO at least not going to last more then 3 years .. 4 at most - and won't look much different then Garlands deal.  If Allvin wants to trade him, he's going to arbitration first from the team - not common but it happens.   Each route isn't bad for the team.   As far as Miller goes ... well 99 freaking points lol.   I'd be happy to play out his contract (option one),  trade him (better lower your expectations, there wasn't a deal at the deadline Allvin was interested in...can make as many trade proposals as you want but we are not getting Schnieder or Laffy etc etc etc ... for sure we'd have pulled the trigger) option two - or just see how things go and trade him for future at the draft or the TDL.   Who knows.   They aren't going into rebuild mode so i highly doubt one won't be back - and actually doubt they both won't be back. 

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