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Uninterrupted: Breaking Ice

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This was a great watch and if it comes on again and you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it or record it if you have a pvr. TSN is doing a series of programs highlighting diversity in sports and the barriers and challenges someone else faces because they’re different. It’s raw and real. It tells their stories, the good, the bad and the ugly on a personal level giving us a deeper perspective of the individuals. It also highlights what each pioneer is doing to make hockey more accessible for all to play the game we cherish as Canadians.


Luke Prokop (first NHL contracted player to come out as gay)

Ethan Bear (an indigenous player from a reserve for the Carolina Hurricanes)


Natalie Spooner (team Canada women’s hockey player)


Saroya Tinker (black female hockey player for Toronto Six)


All are featured in the 1 hour special as are the US and Canada women’s hockey players pushing for a league where women can make a livable wage and not have to work other jobs. There’s a cameo from Brian Burke too.


It’s important to continue pushing our sport forward so that one day sooner then later any kid if they work hard enough and get good enough has a place in hockey and is welcomed to the community. That way we make our game the best it can possibly be. We still have a long way to go both in hockey, in the world and in our country. These programs and difficult conversations starting to happen more and more will help to create change for the better or as Luke Prokop’s favorite quote states:


What if it could be better then you could imagine?

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