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[Report] Darnell Nurse suspended 1 game

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Might as well name off a few funs facts about this garbage overhyped team.


- Nurse's 9.25x8 kicks in starting next year

- Have 3 guys signed till 35+ for 21m

- 10.2m in guys currently aged between 35-40 on the roster, With term remaining

- They pay the same money for Ceci & Barrie as we do for huggy lol

- Yams and Poolparty both got 40ish point seasons. = big raise from 1.1 this offseason

- Kane will need a new deal, Actually got to 39 points in 43 games... = $$$ to stay in deadmonton

- 4.2m in buyouts / retaining for years to come


My favorite i love to remind people of... Had jesper wallstedt fall into their lap last draft... opted to trade the pick and take another small center. Because a 1-2-3 of mcdavid , Dri and nuge isn't enough? Lmao. Holland is far far faaaaaar worse than old JB ever could be


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The rest of the Oilers are probably breathing a sigh of relief at this news. Should they lose, they can point to the loss of nurse as an excuse for losing. If they win, they can use it as a talking point when being interviewed by the various sports reporters.


                                                regards,  G.

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19 minutes ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Nurse is a dumbass. 

IMHO he certainly isn't worth the money he is getting. He does OK during the regular season because it doesn't mean as much. Come playoffs and he is up against consistently faster and better players. The speed in his own zone picks up and he tends to get lost. His head butt wasn't the first time and that might have played into his suspension.  

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