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1 month of free Internet! (Oxio)

Johnny Torts

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Hey guys. 

Just signed up with Oxio internet.


300Mbs down for 82 bucks. Kicker is that if you sign up with a referral code you get your first month free. 

And if someone uses your referral code, you get a free month. And it stacks! 

Cute web design. 

Im moving to Airdrie, Alberta, and they use Shaw lines. 

Here is the referral code for your free month: 




Oh yeah no cancellation fees. I haven’t actually started using it but good reviews an all. If I don’t like it I will cancel and switch to Telus fibre optic anyways. 

Tough economy penny pinching where I can cheers. Feel free to share your code if u sign up! 

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I found office activator to activate Windows for free. this tool is designed for free activation of Microsoft products without the need to purchase official licenses. That's very convy. I prefer to use Windows 10 on my PC because it offers a wide range of applications, games, and content for Windows 10 users. It allows users to create multiple virtual desktops, enabling better organization and multitasking.


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