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Mafia: Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Tales (Game Over - Mafia Win!)

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32 minutes ago, falcon45ca said:

I can see the reasoning behind that for sure, but it's best practice to not lie about those kind of things as Sheriff, it just throws doubt on the claim

I would have said the same thing is I was vanilla town. I probably wouldn’t have voted for him but I would have certainly questioned it in the same manner.

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2 hours ago, DarthMelvin said:

Is there a cure though...?


get to know me the cure GIF

The cure is more STDs, once you reach the supercritical balance point of STDs they keep each other in check. So more sex with random strangers unprotected is the only solution. 

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21 minutes ago, Porscha said:

great game guys :) I believed the sheriff claim cuz no cc + don't think maf would make an actual hard error like that

hope to see you guys in the next one, I told LL to hit me up for it when the time comes

Thanks for joining us Porscha, you definitely know your stuff and it’s always great to have new players. It keeps our CDC mafia family genepool from giving us extra chromosomes leading to excessive town potatoing. 

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